Named five districts of Moscow with the cheapest apartments

INKOM-Nedvizhimost: the cheapest secondary housing in Moscow is on sale in the Nekrasovka district

The cheapest secondary housing in Moscow can be found in district Nekrasovka, follows from the materials provided to “” by the real estate agency “INCOM”. According to analysts, a square meter in Nekrasovka costs an average of 193.9 thousand rubles.

Biryulyovo Zapadnoye took second place in the five districts with affordable apartments, where secondary housing is sold at a price of 204.8 thousand rubles per square meter. “. The third position belongs to the Vostochnoye Biryulyovo district (205.7 thousand rubles per square meter). The top 5 also includes Yuzhnoye Butovo – where the average cost per square meter is 207.1 thousand rubles, and Vykhino-Zhulebino (213.4 thousand rubles).

Experts named the categories of buyers that form the demand for housing in specified areas. Mostly these are local, that is, people who originally lived there and now want to buy another apartment without changing the area. “Another category of buyers is those who do not have the funds to purchase real estate in more expensive districts of Moscow, especially in larger areas,” the experts explain. “This group includes both Muscovites and buyers from the regions of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics who are moving to Moscow.”

Earlier it was reported that in October 2021, a square meter of secondary housing in Moscow rose by 2 percent. The total supply of secondary housing is still at a fairly low level: no more than 40.5 thousand properties are sold in the city.



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