Market director in Rostov region arrested in connection with organized crime group

TASS: the court took into custody the head of the Rostov market Atlant in the case of a criminal community

the form of imprisonment of the director of the local market “Atlant” Alexander Karpenko, held in a criminal case about an organized criminal community. A law enforcement source told TASS about this.

According to him, the head of the trading floor was arrested at the request of the investigation until January 23. Karpenko was detained on November 24 in the case of businessman Karim Babayev, who is called the owner of all major markets in the Rostov region. He himself, who was hiding from the investigation, was also caught and sent to a pre-trial detention center on November 9.

The head of the Aksai district of the region, Vitaly Borzenko, is also involved in the case of creating a criminal group (OCG).

In April the police carried out a large-scale special operation in four large markets in the Aksai district of the Rostov region, they were cordoned off by 3.5 thousand law enforcement officers. Trading sites occupy 15 hectares at the exit from Rostov-on-Don on both sides of the M-4 Don highway.

Borzenko was arrested. In addition to creating an organized criminal group, he is also charged with fraud and abuse of power. The director of the Aksai market Ivan Sitko and the son of Karim Babayev Vadim are in custody.

Borzenko was appointed head of the administration of the Aksai region in June 1994.



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