Landfill chief Kapustin Yar put under house arrest in bribery case

Kommersant: the head of the landfill Kapustin Yar Kislov was sent under house arrest about the loss of 300 tons of fuel, put under house arrest, writes Kommersant.

Corruption scheme

The Major General became a suspect after testimony given by his former subordinate – the ex-head of the 161st School of Technicians of the Strategic Missile Forces Colonel Alexei Prudnikov is appointed.

He revealed a corruption scheme in the army and admitted that he had transferred fuel for sale for a bribe in the amount of 1.9 million rubles. He allegedly shared the money with his boss.

In addition, Prudnikov revealed two more episodes of bribery on the part of Kislov.

Prior to that, Prudnikov had been in custody for six months and refused to cooperate with the investigation. On Wednesday, November 24, after a petition by an investigator, the 235th Garrison Military Court decided to send him under house arrest.

Sources said that he left the remand prison (SIZO) only after fulfilling a number of conditions – a confession of guilt. In addition, the suspect entered into a pre-trial cooperation agreement with the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. The officer's lawyer, Yevgeny Vagin, refused to comment on the situation.

Six months of detention became unbearable for him, and he was ready to name anyone for the freedom he received.

acquaintances of Aleksey Prudnikovao the colonel's stay in a pre-trial detention center Theft of fuel oil

As Prudnikov clarified, in 2019 he allowed fuel trucks to enter the territory of his unit. The cars of Ya-Avtodizel LLC from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug pumped out 300 tons of fuel oil from the storage facilities.

This is not about fuel oil of the M-40 and M-100 brands, which the investigation estimated at two million 138 thousand rubles, and about oil sludge – waste that has been accumulating for years in a military school, polluting its territory.

a colleague and friend of Oleg Prudnikavao stealing fuel oil from the territory of the unit

In the documents, everything was indicated as “cleaning up a specially guarded military facility.” The manager of the contractor company transferred 1.9 million rubles to the military. Details of other bribery cases are still unknown.

The head of Ya-Avtodizel, Renat Yavaev, clarified that fuel oil was pumped out under an official contract and with the approval of “all services”.

I am a human being small, did everything that was required: he provided the investigation with the documents on the contract and gave an exhaustive testimony. Let those who pulled us into this muddy story figure it out for themselves.

Head of Ya-Avtodiesel Renat Yavaevo pumping fuel oil from the territory of the unit

The Kapustin Yar test site was founded in 1947 as a testing center for the first Russian ballistic missiles. From 1969 to 1979 it worked as an international cosmodrome, and after that it was of secondary importance as a cosmodrome. A total of 101 spacecraft were launched from the test site, 85 of the launches were successful.

Detention at the Kapustin Yar training ground

After the testimony of a subordinate, the security forces raided the Kapustin Yar training ground and detained Oleg Kislov. The commander was escorted from the Astrakhan region to Moscow. The military was charged under part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of Russia (“Taking bribes on an especially large scale”).

The court took into account Kislov's merits to Russia and his state of health. The commander, who has served in the army for 30 years, has the Order of Honor, the medal “For Merit to the Fatherland” II degree, and was also marked with the distinction “Honor and Glory”. As a result, the Major General was sent under house arrest with a number of restrictions. He is prohibited from using the Internet and communications.



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