Kharlamov made fun of the heroine, who refused underwear, “Let's get married!”

Garik Kharlamov laughed at the bride from “Let's Get Married!” programs “Let's get married!”. In it, a participant in the show named Linda said that she had given up wearing underwear. In the post, the comedian ridiculed the heroine of the issue, and also showed an excerpt from the TV show “Living is great!”, Dedicated to women's panties.

“I never started meeting a bride with such a question, but now I can’t hold back, sorry. Are you in shorts now? ” – asked the host of the program “Let's get married!” Larisa Guzeeva. In response, the girl admitted that she was not wearing underwear.

After that, Kharlamov showed a fragment of a concert recording in which the Freestyle group performed the song “Oh, what a woman.” The video of the comedian also includes a fragment from the release of the program “It's great to live!” Some noted that they would love to meet Linda. Others criticized the girls' choices in life. “All the panties were bought by Malysheva,” one of the users joked about the reason that prompted the bride to refuse to wear underwear.

An episode in which the hosts of the “Living is great!” Program dispelled the myths about women's underpants, was released in early October. It argued that American scientists have denied information that thongs can be a conductor of Escherichia coli and provoke infectious processes. Malysheva also stated that women who have many sexual partners and who do not follow hygiene rules are the most vulnerable to infections.



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