IOC President praised FIFA's idea of ​​holding a World Cup every two years

IOC CEO Bach on FIFA's idea of ​​holding a World Cup every two years: they make a mistake

President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach appreciated the idea of ​​the International Football Federation (FIFA) to hold the FIFA World Cup every two years. He is quoted by AIPS media.

“The proponents of this plan are making the mistake of thinking that the behavior of the World Cup every two years will bring FIFA twice as much money,” Bach said and stressed that increasing profits is the only argument , which is cited in favor of the project.

The President of the IOC noted that the players were also critical of the idea. “We saw active players who said that the World Cup every two years is 'overkill' and would pose a threat to their health and well-being,” Bach said.

The World Cup is the main international football tournament , which is held under the auspices of FIFA every four years. The current world champion is the French national team.



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