Investigative Committee employee who knocked down two workers in Tyumen was arrested by the court

The court arrested a former IC employee who shot down two workers in Tyumen to death , was arrested by the court – the alleged culprit of the accident will spend at least two months in the isolation ward. On Thursday, November 25, TASS reports with reference to its correspondent in the courtroom.

According to him, the former investigator said in court that he was dismissed from the authorities on November 24.

Previously, a video with the consequences of the accident was leaked to the network. On it is a BMW car. It can be seen that his bumper is crumpled, the windows are smashed, the airbags deployed.

The BMW driver was injured after the accident, but survived. The SHOT Telegram channel reported that Pavel Shadrin, the Deputy Head of the Investigative Department of the ICR, was driving.

The regional traffic police department clarified that the accident occurred on the Bypass Highway at about 11 pm on Tuesday, November 23. Two men were cleaning snow on the track. To carry out the work, they put up road signs and installed flashing lights. However, BMW knocked them down at high speed. The culprit of the road accident faces from eight to 15 years in prison.