In Russia, they offered to distribute apartments to janitors

The labor union of migrants offered to allocate apartments to Russians for 10 years of work as a janitor

The labor union of migrant workers offered to distribute apartments to janitors with Russian citizenship. The initiative was announced by the head of the organization, Renat Karimov, on the air of the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“The street cleaners now live in bestial conditions. It would be strange if we now put the citizens of Russia in these bestial conditions. We need to give them comfortable dormitories, and it would be even better to give them apartments in ten years. And we see that such apartments have appeared in Moscow as a result of renovation, “Karimov said.

The head of the trade union explained that housing for housing and communal services should be provided by the state, and added that such a program would help reduce the flow of migrants to Russia … Karimov also proposed setting up production of mini-tractors for cleaning roads in the country, thereby reducing the need for manual labor and creating additional jobs for Russians.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin urged to reduce the number of migrants in the housing sector. According to him, among the district utilities in the capital there is a reserve for reducing the number of migrants, despite the fact that there are practically no migrants in large utilities.

Earlier, lawyers noted that employees can apply for free housing from the state law enforcement agencies, judges, teachers, doctors and a number of civil servants. However, in order to receive an apartment or pay for its purchase, you must comply with the requirements specified in the legislation.



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