In Russia announced the exit to the plateau of the coronavirus

Infectious disease specialist Pozdnyakov: the fourth wave of coronavirus reaches a stable plateau on the plateau of the fourth wave of coronavirus, despite the fact that a decline has not yet been observed.

“This is happening because another non-immune layer has encountered the infection, and the remaining non-diseased ones have“ dissolved ”among the immune, that is, vaccinated and recovered … That is why the coronavirus is not spreading so actively and there is a slowdown in the incidence rate, “the expert explained.

He added that the spread is calculated by the number of detected cases, and not by mortality. In general, according to the doctor, there is a natural course of events in Russia, which is also influenced by vaccination.

Pozdnyakov added that stabilization does not depend on the actions of people, on the contrary, if citizens were more actively vaccinated, the rate of morbidity would decline faster. He noted that the country went through the fourth wave hard, no easier than the previous summer one, but the healthcare system was ready for it.

Earlier it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin had tested a nasal vaccine against coronavirus on himself. He underwent the procedure the next day after the repeated vaccination with Sputnik Light.