Honored coach of Russia refused to judge without a mask

Merited Swimming Coach of Russia Ilyin was removed from court for refusing to wear a mask for refusing to wear a mask. This was reported on the Znak Petersburg Telegram channel.

The incident occurred during a court hearing, where two administrative protocols drawn up in relation to the coach were to be considered. Instead, he was removed from the courtroom and the police were called. The meeting was postponed indefinitely.

The arrest of Ilyin became known on November 23. According to his ward Vitalina Simonova, law enforcement officers knocked the 63-year-old coach to the floor, tied him up and handcuffed him. The reason was his refusal to put on a mask at the Pulkovo airport.

Ilyin faces administrative responsibility. The trainer is suspected of disobeying the lawful request of a police officer. In addition, a criminal case was opened against Simonova. The swimmer is accused of insulting a government official during the incident.



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