Film producer Mark Rudinstein was connected to a ventilator

The creator of “Kinotavr” Mark Rudinstein, who fell into a coma, is connected to a ventilator ). This is reported by the Telegram channel Mash.

It is noted that on the night of November 24-25, the creator of “Kinotavr” fell into a coma. His condition continues to deteriorate.

On November 24, Mash reported that Rudinstein suffered a stroke after suffering a myocardial infarction a week ago. It was noted that the producer allegedly does not react to external stimuli, he was put in intensive care. It is known that in September of this year Rudinstein also underwent emergency surgery to stent the coronary arteries.

Later, the producer's representative denied the information that the producer, in addition to a heart attack, suffered a stroke. “I don’t know who disseminates this information, he has been in the hospital since last Tuesday, the doctors are continuing their treatment,” she said. Rudinstein's common-law wife Natalya said that doctors are fighting for the producer's life.