Britain decided to increase its global military presence in the world

Britain has begun a large-scale modernization of the royal land forces This is reported by TASS with reference to the plan published by the country's Ministry of Defense.

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The document called “Soldier of the Future” in particular refers to the creation of a global response force on the basis of the 16th airborne assault brigade and the 1st brigade of the army aviation. They will be used both in the conduct of hostilities and in humanitarian operations. It is also noted that the main “ground regional hubs” will be based in Germany, Kenya and Oman.

London intends to significantly increase military spending. Instead of the initially planned 33 billion pounds (44 billion dollars), Britain will spend up to 41.3 billion pounds (55 billion dollars) on armaments over the current decade.

a complete toolkit for combating a huge number of threats – from cybersphere to conflicts on the battlefield, “- said Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

The Ministry of Defense also thought about creating a special purpose army brigade that will confront violent extremist organizations and fight threats from hostile states.

In early November, the British Parliament criticized the Ministry of Defense for ineffective waste of taxpayer funds for decades. The parliament accused the ministry of “squandering money” and not fulfilling the program for the supply of military equipment.