Biden decided to achieve the elimination of sanctions against “Nord Stream-2”

FP: President Biden Seeks the Elimination of Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 from the Budget against Nord Stream 2 from the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year. Reported by Foreign Policy.

It is noted that these actions are carried out “without attracting attention.” They were joined by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and key aides, they called on the senators to abandon the amendments, which involve restrictions on a number of structures associated with the gas pipeline, without the possibility of blocking by the White House.

The Biden administration tried to prevent attempts to impose sanctions on German organizations involved in the construction of the pipeline, which angered Republicans in Congress. Democrats also suggested that the amendments could set a precedent for other sanctions regimes and limit the executive's ability to influence the imposition of restrictions.

The White House emphasizes the importance of not alienating Germany, which will be a key ally in the West's response in the event of a potential conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, The New York Times noted that Republican Senator Ted Cruz caused a “personnel crisis “In the administration of US President Joe Biden because of the position of the head of state on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to the American publication, Cruz, who is in favor of tough sanctions on the project, is delaying the approval of 59 American ambassadors in the upper house of Congress.

Because of his position, senators have to spend a lot of time discussing diplomatic candidates, which is not always possible due to their busy schedule.

Republican reaction

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers said that the Biden administration is lobbying for a waiver of sanctions to save face in the face of bipartisan pressures to enact the restrictions.

In a statement to Foreign Policy magazine, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, the main Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, insisted that the Biden administration was lobbying to save face in light of bipartisan pressure on sanctions.

The administration Biden is trying to hide his disastrous decision to undermine our allies earlier this year. They know that the sanctions against Nord Stream 2 enjoy strong bipartisan support and have resorted to behind-the-scenes pressure tactics to keep face.

Mike Rogers, Republican Congressman

Senator Jeanne Shahin also stated that she has always expressed her disagreement with Nord Stream 2, so she spoke for the promotion of a law that will stop its introduction into operation. She stressed that she would not allow Russia to use the gas pipeline as an instrument of pressure.

I will continue to oppose the pipeline and work to advance efforts in Congress that prevent Russia from using gas flows to Europe as a weapon

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The State Department, in turn, did not give an unambiguous answer whether the presidential administration is really making efforts to exclude sanctions from the draft budget. The department recalled that they are serious about their obligations to interact with Congress and know about the interest of legislators in the issue of restrictions on Nord Stream 2.

On November 23, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that the United States is planning to introduce new sanctions against “Nord Stream-2”. According to him, the restrictions will affect one company and two ships that participated in the construction of the gas pipeline. We are talking about the “Russian-related company” Transadria Ltd and the ship “Marlin” owned by it. Blinken did not disclose the name of another vessel.

In October, the US administration refused to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 against the will of Congress, restrictions will not be implemented during the presidency of the current leader Joe Biden.



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