Banks asked for access to passports of Russians

Izvestia: banks requested access to the Ministry of Internal Affairs database on invalid Russian passports

Russian banks requested to give them access to the Ministry Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) with invalid passports of citizens, writes Izvestia with reference to a letter from the National Council of the Financial Market (NSFR) to the government, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Bank.

This need arose due to the cancellation of the mark in the passport about previously issued identity cards. Banks were no longer able to check the full credit history of Russians, so they asked to provide them with access to documents. An incorrect risk assessment of a potential client threatens the flourishing of fraud.

The main difficulties of the current situation, the banks attributed errors in the calculation of creditors' scores for a citizen, the impossibility of providing the entire credit history and the use of the absence of marks on previously issued documents for fraud with new passports .

The chairman of the NSFM (National Council of the Financial Market) Andrey Emelin said that fraud can be prevented by returning the marks in passports or by creating a separate service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for checking passport histories. In his opinion, the most efficient solution should be found.

“The inability to verify information opens up loopholes for fraudsters. For example, they can get a loan for one passport. Then pretend that you have lost it, and get a loan on a new document with a clean credit history. If the bank cannot check the old passport at the moment, then it serves the client like a new one, “Emelin explained.

On July 21, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin canceled most of the mandatory stamps in the passport. Now, marks about marriage registration, about children under 14 years old and other information will be put in documents at the request of the Russians themselves.