Another US warship headed to the Black Sea

US Navy missile destroyer Arleigh Burke heads to the Black Sea to participate in operations

USS Missile destroyer Burke (DDG Arleigh-51) went to the Black Sea to participate in joint operations with American NATO allies. This was announced by the command of the US Sixth Fleet on its Twitter page.

“Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) has begun moving north into the Black Sea to begin working with NATO allies and partners in the region.” – says the publication. On November 15, it became known that the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney left the Black Sea after the completion of exercises with the allies.

The Pentagon said that such naval exercises of the joint NATO forces allow maintaining an integrated system of deterrence of the military threats. On November 12, an exercise was held in the international waters of the Black Sea, in which seven warships of the US, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine navies took part.

During the exercise, the Russian Navy was monitoring the NATO naval forces and their Allies were carried out by the patrol ship “Pavel Derzhavin”, the missile cruiser “Moscow” and the frigate “Admiral Essen”. The command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet said that so often American ships did not enter the Black Sea even during the Soviet period.



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