A woman cured infertility and gave birth to her first child at 50

An American woman underwent infertility treatment and was able to give birth to a baby girl at 50 treatment for infertility and was able to give birth to her first child at 50, Fox News reports.

Troxler and her 61-year-old husband got married in 2008, after which they repeatedly tried to have children. In 2019, the woman was diagnosed with infertility. Instead of giving up, she did not lose hope and underwent a course of treatment that brought results. On September 29, she gave birth to a baby girl, whom they decided to name Lily.

“It was so unreal. It all came together for this moment. It's hard to comprehend. We are no longer just husband and wife, we are “mom” and “dad”. From a medical point of view, it was impossible, but she is here, “- said the woman.

Earlier it became known that a resident of Sydney, Australia, 54-year-old Manda Upton spent 75 thousand Australian dollars (four million rubles) on creating a dream family and became a single mother at 50, giving birth to two healthy daughters. She began fighting infertility at the age of 39. At that time, she had been in a relationship for 10 years, but after they deteriorated, the woman broke up with her lover and continued her independent attempts to become a mother.



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