A stratolet will appear in Russia for traveling between continents

Rospatent: KAI scientists have designed an apparatus for intercontinental flights in the stratosphere

a device for intercontinental flights in the stratosphere, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Rospatent document.

The device, which will appear in Russia, will consist of a fuselage with wings, horizontal control surfaces in front and behind, a combined missile or air-missile an oxygen engine, as well as an upper stage, to which two gas turbine engines and a fuselage engine fairing will be fixed. At the same time, the unit has an oval wing, attached through two fuel tanks to the ends of the wings of the strat.

Technical solutions will make it possible to create an apparatus with an increased payload and a shorter take-off time in comparison with foreign competitors. The stratolet is designed for travel between continents. The closest analogue of the development, scientists indicated the project of the British reusable unmanned spacecraft Skylon from Reaction Engines Limited, which is going to be launched in the mid-2020s.

Earlier in Russia, they talked about the construction of an aircraft carrier for the sake of an “impressive picture.” Such a development “will not allow the West to continue to single-handedly dominate the world's TV screen and in the heads of billions of people.”