A pensioner who got rich on bitcoins was mistaken for a terrorist

In Israel, the bank refused to withdraw funds from a pensioner who invested in bitcoin in cashing out funds, reports Ynet. This decision was made on the basis of financial mechanisms to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

69-year-old Esther Freeman in 2013 bought bitcoins for 10 thousand shekels (about 237 thousand rubles). Since then, she has become 90 times richer. She assures that she decided to try to invest in cryptocurrency on the advice of her relatives, but she never thought that its value would increase so much.

When she tried to withdraw some of the money from the Hapoalim bank, where she had been serviced for many years, she was refused … The woman was explained that she bought bitcoins for cash, the movement of which cannot be verified. In November, an Israeli woman tried to get her money through the courts. The pensioner assures that she and her four children have accounts in this bank, so that he is aware of the financial actions of her family. She needed the funds to help one of the children buy an apartment.

The bankers pointed out to Freeman that after the purchase of her bitcoins were not kept in one place, but were transferred between different wallets. The reason for the transactions was not specified. In this regard, they cannot give her funds without the documentation required by law.

Earlier it became known about the death of a hamster-crypto trader, Mr. Hox, known as Max. As the owner of the hamster, who got rich in cryptocurrency trading, said, on Sunday, November 21, the pet refused to eat, and the next morning he fell asleep forever.



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