A large owl settled in the Central Park of Volgograd

An owl was spotted in the Central Park of Culture and Rest of Volgograd

A large owl settled in the Central Park of Culture and Rest of Volgograd. This is reported by the portal V1.RU.

The bird was noticed in the branches of a ten-meter spruce, which grows near the Ferris wheel. The townspeople said that “the owl sat quietly, not making a single sound, and looked at us so calmly and proudly.” Local residents even managed to photograph him.

The director of the park, Andrei Erkin, said that the bird has been living on the territory for several months. “We did not specifically disclose and did not tell about our guest, so that no one would frighten him or offend him. This is not the first time he comes here. We do not offend him, he was not afraid of either machines or workers. A bird of prey lives on a ten-meter spruce, about 35 years old, “- they said in the park.

In October, in the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve, they accidentally filmed the dinner of a Red Book fish owl. Specialists have installed camera traps in the Primorsky Reserve to create the film “The Secret Life of the Amur Tigers”, but with their appearance, the archive began to replenish with unique footage with the participation of other rare animals and birds. In particular, camera traps recently captured the hunting of a fish owl, which is considered the largest and one of the rarest owls in the world.



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