Ukrainian judge handed down an unusual decision in a quarantine violation case

In Kiev, the judge closed the administrative case and sent it to hell sent production on it to hell. This is reported by the Ukrainian edition “Focus”.

The journalists published a screenshot of the ruling from the Unified Register of Court Decisions, in which Judge O. Belotserkovets orders to close the administrative case against a certain “Osoba_1” and send him “fuck” .

The corresponding decision was made in July in the case initiated after the administrator of one of the Kiev entertainment establishments failed to close it on time in February, thereby violating the quarantine regime. It is noted that the employee's guilt was fully proven by the protocol, report and photographs, however, the term for bringing to administrative responsibility expired, and the case had to be closed.

Earlier in Odessa, the court sentenced the man accused of stealing to a suspended sentence and reading literature. In particular, he was ordered to read the stories of Leo Tolstoy and a poem by Ivan Franko.



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