Ukraine warned Russia about the tough reaction of the USA and NATO to the aggression

Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov: NATO and EU's reaction to Russia's aggression will be very tough The United States, Great Britain, as well as member states of the European Union (EU) and NATO for possible aggressive actions. His words are quoted on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

A Ukrainian delegation headed by Reznikov was on a visit to Washington on November 18-19.

Reznikov said that he had held talks with the Ministers of Defense of Great Britain and the United States Ben Wallace and Lloyd Austin. According to him, during the meetings he received signals from partners that Ukraine would not be left alone.

“They (partners) have already begun serious consultations with other EU and NATO member states. The reaction will be very harsh – the head of the Kremlin has already been warned about this directly – during the visit of a serious US official to Russia, “Reznikov added.

The Minister noted that economic and political sanctions could be a response to possible actions of the Russian Federation , as well as an increase in assistance to Ukraine with equipment and weapons.

On November 23, Reznikov announced the plan of the country's partners to act proactively in the event of “military aggression” by Russia. According to him, this applies to political and economic steps, including a certain amount of assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier in November, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, accused Kiev of provocations in Donbass. He stressed that Ukraine refuses to fulfill the Minsk agreements and the agreements of the “Normandy Four” and continues to use prohibited weapons in the region.