Ukraine approves government plan to fight oligarchs

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a plan of measures against the abuse of oligarchs The Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on November 24 approved a plan of measures against the abuse of influence by persons with significant economic and political weight. Interfax reports this.

The main measure envisaged by the plan is to launch a register of oligarchs – a list of persons against whom the norms of the law will act. According to the plan, this register will be prepared by the National Security Council of Ukraine by April 2022. Similar instructions were given to the Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee – the department must introduce mandatory state registration of lobbying and the state register of lobbyists by December 2022.

The Cabinet of Ministers paid special attention to the owners of the media. The Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting in December 2021 will develop rules for verifying the business reputation of a media buyer. And by December 2022, it is planned to adopt a law on media, registered in the Verkhovna Rada in the summer of 2020, introducing a number of bans for oligarchs in the country's information legislation.

In addition, the Ukrainian government intends to develop a bill by September 2022 minimizing the influence of oligarchs on political parties. The plan also provides for the development of a system for more closely monitoring the financial transactions of oligarchs.

The government document was approved in accordance with the recently adopted law on “de-oligarchization”, which prohibits the country's richest people from funding political parties and owning the media. The law against the influence of oligarchs was personally introduced to the Rada by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, and votes for it were mainly cast by members of the ruling Servant of the People party.



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