Two Russian women went on vacation to Turkey and disappeared

Two Russian tourists disappeared without a trace while on holiday in the Turkish resort of Alanya to communicate with relatives. The disappearance of the Russian women without a trace was reported by their families in the closed group “Russians in Antalya” on Facebook.

Thus, according to the relatives of the missing Anastasia and Liana, at first the girls regularly communicated with their loved ones, but over the past three days they do not answer calls and messages. At the same time, one of them has a disabled phone.

The authors also attached pictures of the disappeared to the publication. “If anyone sees or knows the girl in the photo, we will be grateful for any information, my mother is going crazy,” the post noted.

In conclusion, it is clarified that the parents have already contacted the Turkish police, as well as the Russian consulate … They are assisted in finding tourists.

In September, the American woman mysteriously disappeared on the day of her planned trip with her lover. 42-year-old North Carolina resident Jessica Lawrence was going on vacation with her boyfriend Michael Braboy, but on the day of the trip she left the apartment and disappeared. The owner of the rented apartment noted that she later found red spots on the walls and curtains. As a result, the boyfriend of the missing American woman was put on the wanted list.