Twenty thousand dollars found in the Palace of the Government of Peru

BBC News: Peruvian chief of staff Pacheco hid $ 20,000 in a palace Government Palace. This is reported by BBC News.

According to the newspaper, the money was hidden in the building by the former head of the presidential administration, Bruno Pacheco, who resigned on November 19. The politician confirmed that the found amount belonged to him, but denied charges of breaking the law. According to him, the cache contained his salary and additional savings.

It is noted that Pacheco received about 6.2 thousand dollars a month. The search in the palace was carried out as part of an investigation into allegations that the politician put pressure on the head of the Peruvian tax and customs department to provide better working conditions for a number of companies. Pacheco declared his innocence and stressed that his resignation was not related to the specified investigation.

On October 7, it was reported that Castillo dismissed the government of Peru, headed by Prime Minister Guido Belido. The president of the republic himself took office on 28 July. As part of his election program, he promised to build a more just and humane society in the country, return the death penalty, and increase funding for health care and education.



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