The Ukrainian authorities have forgotten about the work of the department for financial crimes

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has not allocated an equipped building for the Bureau of Economic Security

security (BEB). This was reported by the press service of the new department for the fight against financial crimes.

According to the department, the bureau was able, within the time limit established by law, until November 25, to staff 30 percent of the total staffing of the central office, which allows the agency get to work. However, this cannot be done, since the authorities “forgot” to allocate a room, they added it to the BEB.

“Delaying the process of allocating premises for the BEB by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine may make it impossible to transfer criminal proceedings and the work of the body as a whole.” , – noted in the message. The department also recalled that after the start of work, the investigation of economic offenses will become the exclusive authority of the bureau.

In May, the Ukrainian government created a new department to combat economic crimes – the Bureau of Economic Security (BEB). The bureau will deal with the identification, suppression, investigation and disclosure of criminal offenses in the field of economics. BEB will receive the appropriate powers from the Security Service of Ukraine and the tax police.



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