The State Duma commented on the letter of doctors to anti-Axis

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Chernyshov supported the letter of doctors to opponents of vaccination against COVID-19

Vice-speaker of the State Duma supported the letter of the doctors Boris Chernyshov to anti-axers. According to him, the deputies should know how ordinary voters are ill. He gave such a comment in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He noted that those who urge to refuse vaccination against COVID-19 endanger citizens. Chernyshov also admitted that he suffered a coronavirus. The Deputy Speaker of the State Duma recalled how people were lying next to him who were having a hard time.

“Show them [anti-axers] how everything looks like. If we are talking about parliamentarians, show them how their voters [get sick], “Chernyshov concluded.

Earlier, the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, explained the meaning of the letter to the opponents of vaccination. According to him, the coronavirus pandemic cannot be stopped with empty talk and reasoning, it is necessary to act, otherwise people will continue to fight the consequences of the new waves of COVID-19.

On November 24, a letter was published, the authors of which were 11 Russian chief doctors ” covid “hospitals. The message was addressed to “opinion leaders” of vaccine opponents who criticized the introduction of vaccination against coronavirus and restrictive measures. In the letter, the authors invited anti-axers on an excursion to the red zones of medical facilities, where patients with COVID-19 lie.



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