The Russians were called the rate of water consumption during the cold season

Nutritionist Ginzburg: the body needs less water in the cold season from radio Sputnik named the rate of water consumption during the cold season.

According to him, the body needs less water in the cold season, when the amount of fluid released from sweat decreases. However, he advised not to consciously change your drinking regime depending on the air temperature.

Ginzburg noted that in this matter you need to focus on your own feelings and make sure that water is always at hand. “A person drinks water individually, according to his perceived need,” he said.

The doctor added that only people with certain heart and kidney diseases should purposefully reduce the amount of fluid they consume.

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Ginzburg emphasized that it is best to quench your thirst with plain water. Other suitable drinks are green tea and sugar-free berry fruit drinks. “As for mineral water, only the dining room is suitable for quenching your thirst. There is little mineralization, and this is only good for us: a little potassium, magnesium, chlorine. And medicinal and medicinal-table mineral water can harm a healthy person, “the specialist emphasized.

The nutritionist advised not to try to quench your thirst with milk or sugary drinks, since such foods contain extra calories. “Any drink containing nutrients is food, and in order to quench your thirst, you can” grab “a fairly large number of calories,” he explained.

Previously, nutritionists from the United States named a way to drink and lose weight correctly, and listed useful and unhealthy drinks for weight loss. Experts believe that you need to drink plenty of water and tea and stop drinking too much. Nutritionist Brenda Peralta has named plain clean water a staple drink for people looking to lose weight.