The owner found the missing 60-kg dog proudly standing on the roof of the house

The owner found the escaped 60-kilogram St. Bernard on the roof of the house , who stood on the roof of the house and proudly looked at him. This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

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32-year-old Kyle Barrett said that one day his St. Bernard dog suddenly disappeared. He looked everywhere for it, but the search did not bring any results.

At some point, the Briton heard strange sounds coming from the roof of the house and went out into the street to see what was the matter. To his surprise, he found a 60-kilogram Samson on the roof: the dog looked down at the owner calmly.

“I was a little surprised. It's not every day that you see a 60-kilogram St. Bernard roaming the roof, “Barrett joked. He persuaded the dog to descend carefully. It turned out that Samson climbed so high, having previously jumped into the garage next to the house.

The man added that the St. Bernards are rescue dogs looking for people missing in the mountains, and for this they need climbing skills .

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