The nutritionist advised those wishing to lose weight to stock up on dark chocolate

British dietitian Mosley said that dark chocolate helps you avoid overeating

lose weight stock up on them. His words are quoted by Express.

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Mosley noted that it is often sweets, which are likened to the forbidden fruit during weight loss, that cause disruptions during diets. In order not to overeat, the nutritionist recommends that you always have dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (at least 75 percent) at home and eat it in small portions instead of other, more fatty and unhealthy desserts.

According to the doctor, he understands why some people find it difficult to exercise regularly – they are afraid of the prospect of prolonged exhausting physical activity, and they prefer to give up it. Mosley believes that it is necessary to shorten the workout time and add more movement to the daily routine: periodically get out of the office chair and walk around the room, use the stairs instead of the elevator and try to walk more.

It was previously reported that Australian nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo named several ways to lose weight without giving up alcohol. In her opinion, it is important to understand how many calories are in different alcoholic beverages.