The model who married herself decided to divorce

A model in Brazil married herself, believed in love and decided to divorce fell in love with a man, believed in love and decided to divorce. This is reported by the Daily Star.

In September, 33-year-old Chris Galera said that she likes to be alone, and the absence of a partner does not upset her. As proof of her words, she married herself.

However, the marriage did not last long and almost three months after the wedding, Galera thought about divorce. She admitted that she had met a man and began to fall in love with him.

According to the model, the meeting with “the same” person was made possible by marriage to herself. During her marriage, she realized that a self-sufficient woman who can independently build her life and be happy regardless of external circumstances.

Earlier it was reported that 29-year-old Patricia Christine from Sydney, Australia, married herself, to break the stereotype that women must marry before age 30. During the wedding, guests shared their understanding of self-love, and Christine took a half-hour vow.



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