The Ministry of Labor called the deadline for the implementation of the May decrees

Labor Minister Kotyakov: May decrees of President Putin will be implemented by the end of 2021

Russian Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov said deadlines in the department will fulfill the May decrees of the President of the country Vladimir Putin. The head of the Ministry of Labor named the estimated date on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel.

“The implementation of the May decree is an absolute priority for everyone, and they will definitely be fulfilled by the end of this year,” Kotyakov emphasized.

< p> On November 24, at a meeting with members of the government, Vladimir Putin called for everything necessary to ensure a decent level of wages for public sector workers in Russia. He recalled that the targets were outlined in the May 2012 decrees.

Earlier, Putin said that public sector salaries should be transparent and fair. According to him, it is necessary to take into account the income of each individual employee, “and not only the average indicators.”



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