The Kremlin reacted to the rise in prices in Russia

Press secretary Peskov: there is no reason for excessive alarmism due to inflation in Russia

The Kremlin sees no reason for excessive alarm -for inflation in Russia, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The government and the Central Bank maintain all the necessary parameters for macroeconomic stability in Russia – this is how Peskov reacted to the journalists' question about the weakening of the ruble and the rise in prices against the background of tensions around Ukraine and Belarus.

“It is impossible to live in the modern world and not experience the pressure of international inflationary trends. We see with you unprecedentedly high inflation in the dollar zone, high inflation in the euro zone. Of course, it is impossible to be free, sterile, free from the influence of these negative tendencies, unfortunately, ”he stressed.

According to Rosstat, inflation in October reached 8.13 percent in annual terms. Most of all, food prices went up, especially fruit and vegetable products. The rise in food prices, according to the Central Bank, is due to a poor harvest this year. According to the regulator's forecasts, food inflation may continue to grow in the first half of 2022.