The Kremlin reacted to the idea of ​​Bastrykin to cancel the exam

Press Secretary Peskov on Bastrykin's proposal to cancel the Unified State Exam: the idea deserves attention education deserves attention from the line ministries. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, Bastrykin has a broad outlook and has his own opinion on socially important issues and topics. “We all, of course, root for our education with all our hearts, this is one of the most important issues for everyone, including for the head of the Investigative Committee,” Peskov said when asked by journalists to respond to Bastrykin’s proposal.

Kremlin spokesman also expressed confidence that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education will carefully listen to all points of view on the possible cancellation of the Unified State Exam (USE).

Earlier, on November 23, Bastrykin's idea was criticized by a teacher of Russian language and law, a trade union member “Teacher” Vsevolod Lukhovitsky. “I hope that no one will think of this or next year to suddenly take and cancel the exam. This will cause such torment for the children, and for the parents, and for the teachers that it will take five years to shake the school. Probably, Mr. Bastrykin knows well what torture is, but as far as I know, most children, parents and teachers over the past 15 years have become accustomed to the form of the exam, “he said.

On the need to reform education The head of the UK said on the same day, at the conference “The role of law in ensuring human well-being.” Bastrykin also called for the revival of the Soviet school of education, since, in his opinion, it was the best in the world.