The Kardashians unveil their Christmas list and surprise fans

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters unveiled gifts for Christmas and explained the reason for their choice present to relatives, friends and acquaintances at Christmas. The information that surprised fans appeared on the Daily Mail.

Each celebrity explained why she chose this or that item as a gift for the upcoming holidays. For example, the owner of the Poosh brand, Courtney Kardashian, presented an infrared blanket that has an effect on the body, comparable to the effect of a Finnish sauna. Its cost is $ 518 (38.8 thousand rubles).

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe, in turn, wanted to please loved ones with a portable composter, with which it is possible to recycle food waste. In her opinion, the gadget will fit into the interior of any kitchen. The price of the device is $ 499 (37.3 thousand rubles).

At the same time, the entrepreneur Kim Kardashian preferred the cheapest item from the catalog – an LED rope of the Tangram Factory brand for $ 80 (5995 rubles). “This innovative jump rope will help you track your progress in sports,” she explained.

According to the list, supermodel Kendall Jenner chose a weighted blanket worth 179 dollars (13.4 thousand rubles), which helps to fight stress, and businesswoman Kylie Jenner chose a device for facial care and smoothing of wrinkles LightStim for 249 dollars (18.6 thousand rubles) .

The mother of celebrities, Kris Jenner, shared her last choice, inviting fans to purchase a compact garden for growing lettuce, the price of which is $ 499 (37 thousand rubles). “It's a great way to spend time with your family by growing table food!” – she concluded.

Readers of the publication were ambivalent about the list of stars, considering the gifts too expensive and ridiculous. “Miserable family”, “What are these crazy gifts?”, “Advertising of useless and expensive gifts!”, “They are simply ridiculous, what an unjustified luxury?”, “I'm just in shock,” “Is the composter and the infrared blanket serious?” , “The richest turned out to be the most adequate,” they said.

In November, Kim Kardashian's appearance at Paris Hilton's wedding was criticized online. She wore a long black dress with a deep neckline, dark tight tights and pointed pumps. Users called her outfit inappropriate for a wedding ceremony.