The head of the Belarusian church compared migrants stuck at the border with aliens

Patriarchal Exarch in Belarus: Migrants should be treated like aliens migrants with aliens, Interfax-Zapad reports.

“They should be treated like” aliens “. This is how the Old Testament calls to treat all pilgrims in our lives. The Bible says that we are aliens on this earth, like many of our fathers, “- said the head of the Belarusian church during a press conference in Minsk.

According to him, one should show mercy to strangers and aliens. compassion, support them and “nourish them with bread” in difficult times.

Earlier, the State Border Committee of Belarus said that the Polish security forces tried to stop refugees trying to break through the border using automatic bursts.

В In early November, several thousand migrants from the Middle East gathered on the border of Belarus with Poland and Lithuania, who are trying to break into the EU. The West claims that the migration crisis was organized by Minsk as part of a “hybrid war”. The Belarusian authorities clarify that the Poles committed crimes against the safety of mankind during the dispersal of refugees.



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