The groom complained about the harassment of the bridesmaid and disrupted the wedding

Potential bridesmaid molested the groom and thwarted the wedding The guy complained to his beloved about the harassment from the girl, whom she chose for the role of the bridesmaid, but did not meet with his friend's understanding. She refused to change her bridesmaid, leaving the couple on the verge of breaking up.

According to the author of the post, his beloved decided that her sister would be the bridesmaid at their wedding. The hero of the story clarified that several years ago she lived with them and regularly molested her sister's beloved. For example, she went into his shower several times, pretending that it was by accident, and said phrases like “I wish I could find someone like you.” The guy complained to his lover about this, but she did not take his words seriously.

“When my fiancee mentioned the fact that she wanted to make my sister a bridesmaid, I told her that I was against it,” the author of the post admitted. He also shared concerns with the bride that her sister might try to disrupt the wedding because of her strange crush. Nevertheless, the girl did not change her mind and refused to change her decision.

Later, the guy asked how his beloved would react to the fact that he would invite his brother to the role of a friend of the groom. The narrator clarified that the girl did not like his relative, although he never gave any reason for this. The bride stated that she was categorically against it. As a result, the hero of the story saw double standards in the behavior of his beloved. “My brother may be kicked out of our wedding because my bride does not like him, while her sister can be a bridesmaid, despite sexual harassment directed at me,” the author of the post complained.

The girl continued to insist that her sister remain the bridesmaid. According to the bride, this would make her happy. After that, the guy gave her an ultimatum and said that he would leave if she did not take into account his happiness. “When I left, she called me a jerk,” he concluded and asked Reddit users to rate whether the girl was right.

Most of the commentators sided with the groom. “She chooses the one who harassed you instead of you at your own wedding,” one of the users was indignant. Many users also warned the guy that his bride is being very selfish, and suggested that he think about whether he should try to restore the relationship.



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