The girl put on veneers and was left with a paralyzed face

TikTok blogger developed Bell's palsy after installing veneers in Turkey The video posted on TikTok was noticed by The Sun.

A user with the nickname lydiahughes22 explained that she went to Turkey to improve her appearance and install veneers. According to the girl, after the procedure, she developed Bell's palsy (sudden weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face due to damage to the facial nerve – approx. “” ).

< p> In the video, the blogger showed how her natural teeth were ground off before the procedure, and then white veneers were installed on them. In the following frames, she captured herself a few days after visiting the dentist: half of her face was completely numb.

The video of the heroine of the material went viral and scored a million views and 33.9 thousand likes. Netizens were afraid for the girl's health. “I hope after this video no one else will go to Turkey to do something with their appearance”, “This is shocking”, “What a nightmare, get well soon!”, “I am afraid for you”, “This is very scary”, – they wrote.

At the moment, no actual information about the health status of lydiahughes22 has been reported.

Earlier in November, the woman underwent Botox and was left with a paralyzed face. In the footage posted on the network, Danielle Leiden explained that she decided on the procedure because she wanted to get rid of wrinkles and make the skin smooth. According to the woman, during the session, the beautician injected too much drug into her bridge of the nose, which led to ptosis (drooping) of the right eyelid.



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