The doctor named ways to grow long hair without mistakes when leaving

Dermatologist Ophelia Veraich: to improve the quality of hair, you need to moisturize the scalp

Dermatologist and founder of the cosmetic brand for hair and skin care Dr. Ophelia Ophelia Veraitch revealed the main causes of hair loss and how to grow them back. Her words are quoted by the Mirror.

The specialist explained that most often the density of the strands deteriorates as a result of improperly selected care, and shared a few tips to help minimize hair loss. First of all, Veraich noted that it is necessary to monitor the condition of the scalp, moisturizing it with oils through massaging movements. According to her, in this way, the hair is saturated with moisture and becomes stronger. For moisturizing, the expert encouraged the use of almond, coconut and argan oils.

For scalp psoriasis, a dermatologist has recommended choosing olive oil as it helps relieve symptoms of the disease. “Just cover the skin with oil, wrap with cling film and leave for a few hours or even overnight,” she said.

In addition, Veraich advised using individually selected hair care products. In particular, she highlighted tonics that contain ingredients that promote hair growth.

The doctor emphasized that one of the most common mistakes in hair care is the use of towels. The hair shaft is made from keratin. The outermost layer is protective and is called the cuticle. Drying wet hair with a towel can damage its keratin cells. Subsequently, the strands become dry and unhealthy, ”said the specialist. Instead of a towel, she advised using a piece of microfiber or a T-shirt.

In October, a hairdresser revealed the reason for the rapid contamination of hair. Blogger Sarah Brawley explained that you need to wash your combs regularly, as sebum and styling residue build up on the surface of your combs, which can contaminate your scalp.