The doctor invited the Gamaleya Center to give lectures to anti-vaccination doctors

Doctor Kondrakhin: antivaxer medics can be lectured at the Gamaleya Center

Physician, clinical pharmacologist Andrei “to the employees of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamaleya to read a course of lectures for anti-vaccination doctors.

” It would be great if the Gamaleya Center prepared an explanatory and informational work especially for doctors, scientifically based. That it was a lecture under the auspices of the CME – continuous medical education, so that the doctor was certified that he took this course and received points for it, “Kondrakhin noted.

In his opinion, if after receiving additional education from a doctor -antivaxer repeatedly doubts about the need for vaccination, he can be sent for an internship in the “red zone”, “to understand what problems colleagues face, to be told there how prophylaxis is carried out, how and what they are treated”.

< p> Earlier, the regional divisions of Roszdravnadzor submitted to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office information about 37 anti-vaccinations who could be prosecuted. The press service of the department noted that they were most interested in health workers, “actively disseminating deliberately false information about the dangers of vaccination against a new coronavirus infection.”