The biologist assessed the likelihood of the disappearance of COVID-19 in Russia according to the Japanese scenario

Biologist Baranova: there is no chance for the disappearance of COVID-19 in Russia according to the Japanese scenario a scenario where the incidence has sharply declined due to an alleged breakdown in the coronavirus mutation is practically unrealistic. Ancha Baranova, a biologist and professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University (Virginia, USA), made such an assumption in an interview with

Baranova explained that in Japan there was most likely one drift of the delta strain, from which the further spread of the coronavirus began, while in European countries there were a lot of these drifts. Thus, strains of coronavirus develop in Europe from many different roots, and there cannot be a “breakdown” of the mutation, as happened in Japan.

“The only sign by which we can say that delta dominates in Russia , and there are no other strains – this is information about sequenced viruses that comes from Rospotrebnadzor, ”the scientist said. She explained that there are very few such sequences now: if hundreds and thousands of samples are sequenced daily in the UK, Rospotrebnadzor provides information on a much smaller amount.

Earlier it was reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) doubts that the delta strain could self-destruct in Japan. According to the representative of the organization, the extinction of this type of virus is unlikely, since people in other countries are still infected with it.



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