Russians were told about products that increase mood in winter

Nutritionist Kruglova: In winter, you can include cheese and sesame seeds in your diet to improve your mood

Products containing calcium will help improve your mood in winter. These include kefir, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cheese, Natalya Kruglova, a nutritionist, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, told the FAN agency.

For those who, for some reason, avoid these products, the specialist advised include sesame seeds and small fish in the diet, which can be eaten with bones.

Kruglova is confident that Russians will be able to maintain a positive attitude in winter if they start eating foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids … The former are present in fatty fish, in some types of oil (flaxseed, soy) and in walnuts.

In addition, one should not forget about foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan, among which there is dark chocolate. Fruits and vegetables will help to stay vigorous in winter, added Kruglova.

Earlier, Doctor of Medical Sciences, nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg called the rate of water consumption during cold weather. According to him, the body needs less water in the cold season, when the amount of fluid released from sweat decreases. However, he advised not to consciously change your drinking regime depending on the air temperature.