Russians warned of fraud with the return of pension savings

ONF: scammers sent out phishing emails to Russians about the return of pension savings According to the materials of the ONF, available to RIA Novosti, the attackers sent letters to potential victims in which they offered to issue a refund of their pension savings.

It is noted that a large-scale attack began at the end of November. The Moshelovka website (a project of the Popular Front, a platform for identifying and combating fraudsters – approx. ) received numerous messages about the receipt of e-mails from cybercriminals by residents of Russia.

As specified in the ONF, the scammers promised the recipients to return the pension savings. The letters said that a certain translation could not be completed automatically, so the recipient should supposedly complete its execution. To do this, potential victims were asked to click on the “Make a refund” button. By clicking on it, users were directed to a phishing site where they had to enter their bank card details, which later turned out to be in the hands of fraudsters.

The attackers referred to amendments to the law on compulsory pension insurance and presented themselves as the Financial Service. monitoring “. In addition, they offered the Russians to pay a commission for the refund.

The email addresses from which the phishing attack took place belong to Yandex. The representatives of the ONF informed the company about this. It is clarified that representatives of the organization are already working on solving the problem.

Earlier, experts of the ONF project “For the Rights of Borrowers” spoke about another scheme of fraudsters using online advertising services. It was clarified that the attackers pose as a seller or a buyer and persuade the victim to go to a phishing page to allegedly pay for delivery.



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