Russian investigator to be fired because of two workers shot down to death

In Tyumen, the deputy head of the ICR department was detained, who shot down workers in a drunken state to death. Russia (TFR), who got behind the wheel drunk and knocked down two workers to death. This is reported by TASS.

The Major of Justice was detained. They intend to dismiss him from service for negative reasons.

The accident happened on the evening of Tuesday, November 23. Workers put up road signs, installed flashing lights and cleaned the snow on the track. An inebriated ICR officer knocked them down in a BMW at a speed of 170-200 kilometers per hour.

According to the Shot Telegram channel, his friends were in the car with the major. The company was returning from the bar.

Despite the severe damage to the car, the investigator survived: he was saved by an airbag. A criminal case has already been initiated under Article 264 (“Violation of traffic rules and the operation of vehicles”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.



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