Russian expert clubs discussed the ideological constructions of the future for the first time

Expert clubs first met in Moscow for the ideological constructions of the future

Russian expert clubs met for the first time on the site in Moscow and discussed the ideological constructions of the future. According to Life, members of the Izborsky, Zinovievsky, Sretensky Club, the World Russian People's Cathedral and other thinkers and representatives of the intellectual elite took part in the discussion “Turning Point: Ideology That Will Unite the Nation”.

At the opening of the event, the chairman The Izborsk club, writer Alexander Prokhanov, noted that it was especially important that representatives of different intellectual communities gathered at one site and would soon be ready to present their joint developments.

According to the director of the Mendeleev Institute for Socio-Political Forecasting, representative of the Sretensky Club, Andrey Shcherbakov , the current format has excellent prospects. So, despite the existing differences in views, the Izborsky, the Zinovievites, and the World Russian People's Council are ready for dialogue. “Today, different clubs have gathered, with different approaches, but we are united by love for our country,” he stressed.

The organizers of the event expressed the hope that thanks to such discussions, a community of scientists, analysts and thinkers will appear who will be ready take responsibility for identifying the Russian image of the future.