Russian anti-vaccinators conceived to be sent to jail

Izvestia: 37 Russian antivaxers could face criminal liability coronavirus. The information is passed on to the Investigative Committee (IC). This is reported by the Izvestia newspaper.

It is reported that the department’s apparatus instructed representative offices in the subjects to look for data on opponents of vaccination in social networks and the media. Since the beginning of the month, 37 materials have been handed over to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office throughout Russia. The largest number of anti-axers was found in Karelia (18 materials), in Rostov (eight materials) and Volgograd (five materials) regions.

Special attention is paid to medical workers. Such agitation can be punished under Articles 207.1 and 207.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the dissemination of false information that poses a threat to the life and health of citizens. Opponents of vaccinations face a fine of up to a million rubles and up to three years in prison. In the event of a person's death due to false information, a fine of up to two million rubles or up to five years in prison is provided.

Earlier, the head of the Gamaleya Center, Alexander Gintsburg, warned that Russians who, instead of being vaccinated against COVID-19, buy certificates , new strains of coronavirus may develop. According to the scientist, antivaxers “are a breeding ground for new strains and endanger the lives of their loved ones, children and elders.” He noted that people who buy certificates not only spend money, but also put themselves in mortal danger.



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