Reducing prices for apartments in Sochi called impossible

“ONIKS-Real Estate: a decrease in the cost of housing in Sochi is impossible for a number of reasons

Reducing the cost of housing in Sochi is impossible for a number of reasons, it is said in the materials of the ONIX-Real Estate agency available to According to experts, there is no affordable housing left in the resort city.

According to their observations, the consumer audience has changed in Sochi – if before there were many citizens planning to purchase inexpensive housing, now these clients simply have nothing to offer. “Having studied the market, many who want to buy real estate here understand that they will not be able to do this,” the experts explain. “They either increase the request budget (including with the help of a mortgage), or are looking for another location, not Sochi.” “In Sochi, colossal budgets from the federal center continue to pour in to improve the city and infrastructure,” they note. – The land is not being added here, new civil engineering projects are still on pause. Real estate prices continue to grow. ” The cheapest such object in November 2021 is offered to buyers at a price of 200 thousand rubles, the most expensive is 20 million rubles.