Putin will discuss with the government the salaries of state employees

President of the Russian Federation Putin will discuss with the government the level of salaries of state employees on November 24 the level of wages of certain categories of state employees. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Kremlin press service.

On November 24, Putin will hold a regular meeting with members of the government of the Russian Federation. The main topic of the meeting was to ensure the level of wages of certain categories of public sector workers established by presidential decrees

Press service of the President of Russia

The President said that the salaries of employees in the public sector should be transparent and fair, it is necessary to take into account the income of each individual specialist, “and not only the average indicators.”

Putin with members of the government on February 10. The head of state emphasized that the flaws with the salaries of this category of citizens must be cleaned up.

Remuneration in the public sector should be transparent, understandable and fair. Flaws with public sector salaries need to be cleaned up

Vladimir Putin

The President explained that it is necessary to explain the procedure for the formation of salaries to employees of budgetary organizations so that everything is clear, clear and transparent. At the same time, he noted that the salaries of public sector employees may differ from region to region, and this is normal. There are situations when the base rate in one region differs for institutions of the same type located “on the same street,” the president specified.

Putin also criticized the practice of adjusting the salary indicators for public sector employees, designed to comply with the formal requirements set by state decrees in the reports. He recalled that in 2017 the government submitted a report on the implementation of the “May” decree, and the current composition of the Cabinet should build its policy in the same way.

Raising the minimum wage

Earlier in November, Putin introduced amendments to the State Duma to increase the minimum wages (minimum wages) and a living wage, TASS reports.

The President appealed to the deputies and, naturally, the government, to work out this issue and make an appropriate decision within the framework of the second reading of the budget law. Today, in pursuance of his decision, the President made the appropriate amendments to the State Duma

Andrey Makarov Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes

The head of state proposed to increase the subsistence minimum by 8.6 percent from 2022 on November 18. According to Putin's proposal, the cost of living will rise to 12,654 rubles. The minimum wage should grow by 8.6 percent, to 13,890 rubles.

The President pointed out that many social benefits are tied to the subsistence level, including additional payments to pensions and payments to families with children. Indexing, Putin noted, is also necessary for pensions, higher than the level of actual inflation.

How much will be allocated from the budget

According to the Ministry of Labor, in 2022, 30 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget of Russia to increase the living wage and the minimum wage (minimum wage). This was told by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov, RIA Novosti reports.

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Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the increased indexation of the living wage and the increase in payments will affect about 16 million Russians, and the increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) will affect about three million Russian citizens. Changes in 2022 will be provided at the expense of the federal budget, extra-budgetary funds and constituent entities of Russia.