Protsenko explained the meaning of the letter to the leaders of anti-Axis

The head physician of the hospital №40 Protsenko: you cannot stop the pandemic by talking, you need to act people will continue to fight the consequences of all the new waves of coronavirus. Denis Protsenko, the chief physician of the hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, wrote about this in his Telegram channel, explaining the meaning of the letter addressed to the opponents of vaccination.

mislead your supporters, you just have no moral right to ignore our open letter, “- said Protsenko.

The doctor stressed that now there is a real war, during which more than a thousand people die every day who have not prepared their bodies to a meeting with a deadly virus. The OP called the vaccination against the coronavirus the only salvation.

Protsenko again called on all those who do not believe in the seriousness of what is happening and “hype” to come to hospitals where patients with COVID-19 are. “Let them see with their own eyes how people are fighting for every breath of air, let them listen to the stories of our patients who believed them, and not us, doctors,” he wrote. The doctor expressed confidence that after visiting the red zones, opponents of vaccination will change their minds and take the side of “common medical sense.” The message is addressed to anti-vaccine “opinion leaders” who criticized the introduction of vaccination against COVID-19 and restrictive measures to combat the pandemic. In the letter, the authors invited anti-axers on an excursion to the red zones of hospitals, where patients with coronavirus lie.



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