Possible date for Putin's final press conference announced

Vedomosti: the final press conference of President Putin may be held on December 23 : it could take place on Thursday, December 23rd. Vedomosti writes about this with reference to a source close to the presidential administration and an employee of one of the federal TV channels,

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that the date of the press conference “will be announced in a timely manner. ” Another source said the press conference is unlikely to be used as a platform to address issues such as the fate of QR code initiatives. The president can express his position on this issue in the framework of workshops or meetings in the first half of the month, the source added.

Earlier, Peskov named the approximate date of Putin's final press conference. According to him, it could take place in December 2021. Last year, the event was held via video link and became a kind of symbiosis with a direct line, a Kremlin official added.

Putin has been meeting with journalists in the format of a press conference every year since 2001. In 2020, the format of the event was changed: some of the journalists were together with the President at his residence near Moscow in Novo-Ogarevo, some – communicated with him via video link from the World Trade Center.