Posner spoke about the open letter of Russian doctors to opponents of vaccinations

Pozner supported the idea of ​​doctors to conduct excursions to anti-vaccinations in the “red zones” hospitals, which approached the opponents of vaccinations and offered to give them a tour of the red zone. In an interview with TASS, Posner called the treatment addressed to anti-vaccine patients a correct and necessary step.

“Of course, I believe that this step on the part of our doctors is the right one. In the sense that every effort should be made to convince opponents of vaccination of how dangerous what they are doing. How irresponsible it really is, ”he said. The TV presenter also considered that opponents of vaccinations should be shown what awaits those who have not been vaccinated if they become infected.

“And I am generally amazed at the liberality of our authorities. In other countries, it is much more harsh, one might say, forcing people to vaccinate on the basis that in the end budget money is spent on treatment, “- said Posner.

In conclusion, he added that he considers the position of opponents of vaccination selfish and unreasonable. According to the TV presenter, refusal to vaccinate is harmful to society.

Earlier, the chief doctors of several hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus wrote an open letter to a number of well-known persons (including politicians and public figures) who criticized vaccination and restrictive measures to combat the pandemic. Doctors invited them to visit hospitals treating patients with COVID-19.



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