Poland will repair the Soviet complexes “Osa”

Defense24: The Polish Ministry of Defense ordered the repair of Soviet short-range air defense systems “Wasp” short-range “Wasp”. The combat readiness of Soviet weapons will be maintained until new anti-missile defense (air defense) systems are created. This is reported by Defense24.

The contract for the repair of the air defense system was received by the enterprise of the PGZ consortium (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa). The contract is valued at PLN 100 million (about $ 24 million). The agreement provides for the completion of work until 2023.

The enterprise will repair 9A33BM2 combat vehicles of the 9K33M2 Osa-AK complexes. The publication notes that the Polish armed forces have been using the Osa air defense system since the 1980s. The complex on a wheeled chassis allows for the protection of troops on the march.

Subsequently, the Soviet complexes will be replaced with promising air defense systems, which are being developed as part of the Narew and SONA projects.

Earlier, Britain and Poland signed an agreement on joint work on the Polish air defense system Narew. The Polish development may receive ammunition based on the British CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) missile.

In October, Poland compared the Piorun portable anti-aircraft missile system with the Russian Verba. The Defense24 publication noted that the range of the Polish complex exceeds 6.4 kilometers.



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